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David M. Parker



David M. Parker has been in the business of architecture since 1981, and was licensed as an architect in the state of California in 1988, after passing all certification exams the first time. During the 1980's and early 1990's he worked for a number of prominent architects in Orange County who were known for their fine custom homes in coastal communities such as Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. He began his private practice in 1991, and has been designing unique, high-end homes Southern California ever since.


His life's passion is to design beautiful, stunning, timeless homes for his clients, and is determined that every one of his works be unique and specifically suited to the site, location, and the owner's individual needs and personality. He believes that architecture ultimately comes down to creating an experience for people, and his goal is always to create an experience with the highest possible level of enjoyment and life enriching qualities.


Mr. Parker believes it is important to be involved in the community where he does business, in ways where he can express his own personal passions in a beneficial way. He is a founding member of Laguna Friends of Architecture, a member of the Hortense Miller Gardens, a board member of the Southern California Philharmonic Orchestra, and the creator and director of Sonatasia, a musical performance group which performs in private homes in the Laguna Beach area.

“When you enter a building, you have an experience. It is unavoidable. The architecture creates this experience. The use of materials, space, light, color…it is a mystery. I want my work to impart a joyous, uplifting, life enriching experience for people. This is my purpose and my passion. This is the Art of Architecture.” 

- David M. Parker, Architect

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